Capturing the Long Tail

Capturing the long tail is the name of the game in search engine optimization. Yeah, it’s great to own a keyword hands-down, but unless you are a major multi-national corporation worth billions, you won’t capture the keywords you really want. That’s just a fact of life most of us have to deal with.

The long tail on

The secret for smaller companies is to get your company ranked for a lot of low search volume keywords—the long tail of the distribution. The more keywords you rank for, the better chance you’ll be pulled up when somebody interested in your product searches.

How do you attack the long tail? It requires frequent updates of the website and quality content making up those updates. That’s the challenge for most companies, creating the content. It can be done internally or by hiring a freelancer like me.

Either way, it should be done with a strategy in mind. You should have an idea of what keywords you want to capture. You’ll capture others organically. Just by writing content relevant to your business, you’ll pick up other keywords that relate to the business.

As always, the important part is to be putting the content out there. After all, content that isn’t there doesn’t help your business.

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