A New Year, A New Start

It may be cliché, and it may be quaint, but New Year’s resolutions do have a place in business. While resolutions can be made at any time, the change of year always seems to form a clean break point that’s easy to make a new start with.

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No business is perfect, and every entrepreneur wants to improve their business in some respect. Why not take this new year and consciously do something about improvement?
Here’s my resolution for 2016: I’m going to be proactive about content marketing. I’m going to post regularly to the blog and to social media accounts. To that end, I started writing a collection of short articles, including this one, over the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. I’ve been writing a couple a night, and they don’t take all that long. Ultimately, I plan to take a day each month and pound out a few dozen in one shot.

Once the content is created, it’s a piece of cake to keep the blog up to date. You can build blog content and schedule it to post days, weeks, and even months into the future. That’s the easy way to stay current with the blog—do it all up-front and let the blog run on auto-pilot most of the time.
Don’t forget cross-posting to social media accounts. That’s just as important, and most of that can be automated, as well.

What are you resolving to do for your business in 2016?

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