3 Ways to Use Twitter for Business

Three Ways to use Twitter for Business

Twitter tends to be the least understood social media platform, especially for Gen-X and Baby Boomers. The 140-character restriction seems insurmountable until you actually get in there and start seeing what people do, it can be eye-opening. You can use Twitter for business, and for many companies, it’s a good move. so, here are three ways you can use twitter for business.
Twitter for business can be eye-opening

1. Special Offers

People love getting a deal, and if they get a deal on social media, it can make them feel clever. Offer discount codes on Twitter to your followers. Make the offer exclusively for Twitter followers. You don’t care if the code is shared because the whole point is to drive people to the website where they can make a transaction.

2. Announcements

Twitter is great for announcements. You can set your blog not only to cross-post with major platforms like Facebook or Google+, you can also automatically send out a tweet to your followers with a link to the blog. Once again it drives eyeballs to the website where transactions can occur.

3. Interaction with Customers

Because of the fast-moving nature of Twitter, it makes a great tool for real-time interaction with customers. Answering questions and thanking followers who praise you or your products is only one aspect. More important is how a company reacts to negative tweets, such as complaints. Respond with an emphasis on making things better. the angry person might not be satisfied, but the rest of your followers will see your company as proactive and trying to solve the problem. It’s everyone else you are trying to leave a positive impression with.

Three important ways to use a Twitter business account.

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