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Content Marketing for Technical Companies

typewriter keys on www.novytechandcopy.comOver the summer, I wrote a short ebook called Content Marketing for Technical Companies. The point of the book is not how-to as much as why-to. The target audience is the technical company executive. Tech company execs are often engineers, so the how-to really isn’t needed with them. They, instead, need the what and the why. The how is the easy part.

The book is currently out with first readers, and I hope to get the feedback by the end of next week. After that, it’ll be time for another edit pass or three. The target is to release it as an ebook by the end of November, and as a trade paperback by January. If you know me only through RNTC, you may not know that I have published several novels under the indie model. (My novel page is here, with links to various e-tailors if you’re interested in one of the books.) This book will also be published under the indie model for a number of reasons.

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