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Yoast SEO New Feature

Google Knowledge Graph on www.ricknovy.com

You’ve probably noticed a change in Google search results in recent months. A summary box on the right side of the screen contains information about the company or other entity you searched for. I captured the screen for a simple search for Google itself and it’s posted to the right. You can click on it to see the full-sized image. This box is called the Google Knowledge Graph, and you want searches for your company to show up the same way Google’s did in the screen cap.

Yoast SEO optimazation plugin just released a new revision that optimizes your site for just this search feature. If you maintain your wn website or even if you only generate content, Yoast is a marvelous tool to help optimize your work for search. For example, it flags your article for both under and over utilization of your chosen keyword for the article, and that’s useful information. With this new revision, you are guided through a not lengthy process to prepare your site for Google Knowledge Graph. The process consists mainly of selecting between person and company, uploading an image if appropriate, and pasting in a few social media URLs.

For the little guys, every little bit of online visibility helps, and knowledge graph is no different. This feature is a welcome addition to the plugin’s capabilities.

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