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Online Presence Done Well – Forrester Research

In the course of my work, I rarely see a company with an online presence done well. I see plenty with minimal websites, neglected or unclaimed social media sites, and even companies fully deployed but without content. That’s why it’s always a pleasant surprise whenever I see a company with an online presence done well.

Forrester Research is the company I’m referring to. They have a number of people creating content for their blog, and they post daily and more. The ever-increasing content has been a factor in gaining a Google Page Rank of 7, which is a pretty darned impressive number considering the scale is logorithmic. Their MOZ domain authority is a whopping 88, they get over 25,000 visitors via search engines each month, and they boast over 2300 organic keywords.

Forrester Research is also well-deployed in social media. Their Twitter account (@forrester) has over 11,000 tweets, 301,000 followers, with a following to follower ratio of .05 (meaning they follow 1 Twitter account for every 20 following them).

They have a branded URL for their Facebook account, over 17,000 likes, and better than a post a day.

They have a branded URL in LinkedIn also, have over 1400 employees on the site, and actively post updates to the corporate account.

The YouTube channel has over 300 videos posting at a rate of about one per week, and they have 2775 subscribers.

Even on Google+ they have a branded URL and nearly 2700 followers, and they are posting almost daily.

While I would make a few cosmetic and tactical changes to the website, overall Forrester Research is doing a great job with online presence, and that really shows in the statistics.

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