Customers Remember

Customers Remember Their Experience It’s amazing how many businesses seem to disregard the fact that their customers are people and people have memories. Customers remember the experience they have with a business, and that memory drives whether that customer returns. The Great Easter Egg Caper A number of years ago, … Continue reading

Online Presence Done Well

Online Presence Done Well – Forrester Research In the course of my work, I rarely see a company with an online presence done well. I see plenty with minimal websites, neglected or unclaimed social media sites, and even companies fully deployed but without content. That’s why it’s always a pleasant … Continue reading

Is This the Right Content?

What kind of content is the right content? We’re all looking for quality material to post to the company blog and social media sites. Often, we have to ask ourselves if this is the right content. Even those business owners with the propensity to write the company blog themselves will … Continue reading