Twitter for Business 101

Twitter for Business 101

What can you possibly say in 140 characters or less? Welcome to Twitter for Business 101, where we’ll give you some ideas.

Twitter, like any other social platform, has its advantages and disadvantages. Here, brevity is key, capitalizing on the ability to broadcast quick comments or links.

Here are some uses for Twitter a business might take advantage of.
1. Send links to a blog post to boost website traffic.
2. Send links to an interesting photograph.
3. Send links to articles your customers might enjoy reading.
4. Listen to customer feedback.
5. Quickly respond to a customer complaint.

The key is to stay within your brand and interact with people. Like all social networks, Twitter is best when blatant marketing plugs are kept to a minimum. It’s a great tool, and it’s one we will explore in further detail in an episode of my upcoming podcast, Copy This!

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