Copy This! Podcast Coming Soon

Copy This! Podcast Coming Soon Recording for the upcoming kickoff season of the Copy This! podcast is nearing completion. The podcast will focus on online presence social media marketing, online content, copywriting, and white papers, and I’ve got some great guests for this first season. There’s a lot of useful … Continue reading

Twitter for Business 101

Twitter for Business 101 What can you possibly say in 140 characters or less? Welcome to Twitter for Business 101, where we’ll give you some ideas. Twitter, like any other social platform, has its advantages and disadvantages. Here, brevity is key, capitalizing on the ability to broadcast quick comments or … Continue reading

Facebook For Business 101

Facebook for Business 101 Yesterday, it was all about LinkedIn. Today, let’s take a brief look at Facebook for Business 101. Facebook is by far the most popular social network. It’s where we go to see pictures of peoples’ families and the dreaded cat videos. It’s also a prime opportunity … Continue reading

LinkedIn For Business 101

LinkedIn for Business 101 Welcome to LinkedIn for Business 101. What is LinkedIn and why is it important for my business to be represented on that social media platform? Simply put, LinkedIn is the professional social media option, where you won’t find pictures of the kids and not a lot … Continue reading