IRS Phone Scam – Be Careful Out There

You may have heard about the IRS phone scam on the television news by now. They call and use frightening language to get you to pay “back taxes” you don’t owe. The back taxes go into the pockets of the crooks.

When they call me, it’s a feminine computer voice and asks me to return a call to a certain number. Caller ID tells me the call is coming from several phone numbers: 202-506-9750, 212-777-3456, and 202-241-5527, the latter of which claims to be from Washington D.C.

All are spoofed, of course, likely originating overseas via some sort of voip.

Keep in mind the IRS does not contact you by phone. Even if they did, I rather doubt they would use a computer female voice claiming to be a person. They would not make me call back to speak to this fictional agent.

Safest thing to do is simply hang up. If you get a call and you’re worried, call a known IRS number, not the number they give you. While it’s hard to ignore a call with such a dire warning, do listen to that scam itch on the back of your neck. Don’t become another victim.

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