Sometimes, Work Can Wait

Sometimes, work can wait.

Did you ever have one of those days where you had a block of time set aside to get something accomplished and *bam* the universe takes it away from you? You know the kind I mean. Unexpected (and unbudgeted) car emergency repairs that chew up time because you aren’t at home when it happens. You wait for the tow truck, you ride into the shop, and perhaps you even wait because you have no other ride today.

It’s frustrating, and it certainly is never fun. These things happen to all of us. No matter what you wanted to get done on the day it happens, nothing lets you get at the task you want to finish.

That happened to me this past Friday morning. I had intended to spend most of the day working on the forthcoming podcast, and crisis issues kept surfacing The more you push to get things done, the less you actually accomplish.

At some point, you have to accept things just aren’t going to get done today. The office will still be there tomorrow, an so will the work.

I managed to catch up over the weekend.

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