Positioning a New Business in Social Media

Social Media for New Business

One of the more difficult aspects of starting a new business is a rapid deployment of internet and social media presence. It takes effort to learn about all the different branding opportunities on various social platforms and how to implement them, but it doesn’t stop there. It also takes time to craft new material.

This is key, because it does take time to craft new material, and users need new material as a motivation to come back. If they come back, they remember you, and that means brand loyalty. For a freelancer with multiple hats, the task can be daunting. For instance, I have my fiction writer persona, and the business persona. Both have a social media presence, but they are not equal. My fiction writer website has been around years longer than the business site. It also gets a lot more attention from me because it’s mostly about ideas inside my head. The business website needs to have useful content, and that takes a bit more effort and time to construct.

In a future post, I’ll get into the different platforms and what each allows a business to do.

Social Aspects


There are a number of important aspects to building an online presence. First, it should be branded, in other words, be personalized with the business name, look, and feel. If you have a logo, use it. If you have a specific banner on your website, try to use it on the social platforms, too.


Social media is your chance as a business to engage directly with customers and potential customers. That helps you understand your market and what they want that you can provide. just as important, it can help you to understand what they want that you cannot provide.


Social Media has to be updated regularly. You can pick the interval, but it should be regular. There are software packages that will allow crafting posts and scheduling when they appear. That allows the creation of content when the business owner has the extra time instead of when the posting schedule demands it.

If you haven’t considered expanding your online presence, do think about it. If you don;t have time to set it all up or even create content on your own, plenty of help is available-including from Rick Novy Tech and Copywriting.

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