Time to Regroup, Prepare for the Second Half of the Year

While mathematically it isn’t the exact center of the year, July 4th does make a useful marker between the first and second halves of the year.


We’re all back from a long weekend where most of us had our minds on boating, barbeques, and or baseball. Back to work on Monday we go, and that is a good time to think about those plans you had on January 1st, and decide how how close to meeting those goals you now are. Are those goals realistic? Do they still match the business situation? Situations change, and if they have changed for you, there is still time to make adjustments by either modifying the goals to address today’s situation, or make behavioral corrections to get those original goals met while there is still time to act.

If you follow this blog, which is not hard to do with the lack of posts over the past six months, you may have noticed the layout of the home page has significantly changed. Since I started Rick Novy Tech and Copywriting at the end of 2012, the business has evolved. I needed to make changes to reflect that. The modifications to the website are only one part. I’ve also made major changes to my work environment to make it seem more like real business setting.

The physical office changes were part of my original 2014 goals, and despite wanting them finished months ago, it’s done. The website changes were not dictated in January, but were something that came about due to the content no longer reflecting correctly the business it represents. With the nagging changes done, I can now focus on important topics like marketing and billable work. That required new thinking and new goals to prepare myself and the business for the second half of the year. While there is no bad time to set new goals, sometimes an artificial market like a holiday is the ideal time to assess and make changes.

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