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One of the strategies for linkbuilding is to add your blog to listing directories. I’ve added this site to about five so far, and each one has a validation process to ensure your blog has unique content. By accepting your blog, these sites put their own reputation on the line.

Linkbuilding is a part of growing your online presence that will help increase the Google Page Rank. It goes hand-in-hand with generating good content for your blog. If there’s nothing worthwhile to read on your blog, there’s no reason for anyone to link to your content.

Content always has been king. It’s the main reason Google has been honing their algorithms to detect more human-like prose. Being found and staying found are connected. Good content will help users find you, for sure. More importantly, good content keeps readers coming back. After all, we buy from people we trust, and providing regular content that delivers value goes a long way toward earning that trust.

Keep people coming back and build that reputation as a thought-leader. As a side-effect, your search engine effectiveness should improve, too.

By getting listed in the blog directories, you stand a better chance of being discovered by the kind of people you create value for. This is a good list of blog directories.

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