Building an Online Presence

It’s hard to believe how quickly the definition of online presence changes. The internet has never stopped changing the way we do business. Believe it or not, there are still businesses out there that exist without a website. (I’d link to an example if I could.) In a few years, we’ll be saying the same thing about social media. Businesses that got onto social platforms early discovered it to be a way to keep in communication with customers. It’s interaction that can build loyalty. That’s what an online presence is all about.

Social icons show up everywhere. On package labels, in TV ads, and on websites. TV news stations now encourage you to get involved in a discussion on their Facebook page. It’s called Inbound Marketing–where the customers come to you when they are looking for what you sell. The customers are out there looking, but you must have an online presence available for them to find. But, it’s not enough to have a presence, there must be a reason for people to want to visit or they won’t come back.

Over the next few weeks, I plan a concerted push to get the online presence of Rick Novy Tech and Copywriting, LLC to the level I want it. My author site is in a much better position at the moment, but I’ve also paid it a lot more attention over the years. As I go through this activity, I’ll be blogging about it, sharing some of what I learn.

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