Keeping Fit for that Desk Job

One thing that often dogs writers and other desk-bound professionals is the sedentary life that goes along with sitting in a chair all day. It is easy to let exercise fall to the wayside as we complete more important tasks. Yet, exercise is such an important component of staying healthy it can’t be ignored. Getting sick doesn’t help productivity.

Recently, I had my cholesterol tested and it was high. We’ve been eating better since I was placed on a low-sodium diet about 18 months ago, but I had been sedentary. I write, remember.

Today, I finally tried out those inline skates I bought a while ago. I did a short tour of our local park, one with wide trails. I had not been on inline skates before, and I took a cane to help keep me on my feet (a plan that worked brilliantly, I might add). But it’s exhausting.


I wanted to try skating because jogging is much harder on the knees and it also bores me to tears. Day one is a success, we’ll try again tomorrow.

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