Three (3) Things to Learn from Gordon Ramsey’s Visit to Amy’s Baking Company

Learning from the Mistakes of Others.

By now, no doubt you’ve heard about the Kitchen Nightmares episode where Gordon Ramsey walked away from Amy’s Baking Company.

There is a lot to learn from this episode, which I found difficult to watch through the end of the show. It’s good to take away lessons learned from something like this. Here are three items to consider from this episode of Kitchen Nightmares.

1. Accept Criticism – As a writer, I learned quickly to develop a thick skin. No matter what your skill level in your chosen profession, there is always somebody better at some aspect, and sometimes all aspects of that profession. When somebody like Gordon Ramsey takes the time to try helping chefs run a restaurant in trouble, it pays to listen. That is especially true when it comes to the kitchen.

You don’t necessarily have to take a given piece of advice, but it is important to listen. It’s important because somebody is taking the time to tell you about a potential problem that likely needs a solution. Not listening to the problem eliminates the need to find a solution, but it doesn’t eliminate the problem.

2. Treat Those Who Help You Well – Nothing makes staff more disgruntled than to be unappreciated. When you notice the little things people do well, it pays in spades because most people want to do a good job for their employer. When negative performance is approached with a mentoring attitude of improvement, it builds respect.

Treating people like dirt builds resentment, and people who resent their employer make minimal efforts to do the job well. Why? From the employee’s point of view, there is no point in putting forth the effort if it only results in negative response. There is no satisfaction from the job, and that leads to turnover.

3. “Any Publicity is Good Publicity” is a False Premise – While bad publicity might generate a bump in sales driven by a short term curiosity factor, that isn’t how businesses survive. Repeat customers are the foundation of success.

Once those curious first-time customers make that visit, most of them will never return. Word of mouth is the most important form of advertising. Once a reputation is soiled and word gets around, it’s very difficult to overcome. That is especially true when something on the internet goes viral. That can make or break your business, and it’s impossible to erase.

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