Accepting Criticism

A Story of Criticism

If there is one thing being a writer has taught me, it’s to accept criticism graciously, without letting negative comments bother me much. That isn’t easy and takes some time for many of us to accomplish. Some of us never achieve it.

Thing is, if somebody takes the time to offer a suggestion or comment, usually their intentions are to be helpful, even if it feels like an attack. For instance, negative scores in an annual review from the boss are intended to show where you need to improve, not to attack you by rubbing salt into an open wound. The boss has a vested interest in seeing you improve those area.

It’s very easy to react on impulse based on a superficial reading of what was said. This is especially true on a platform like Twitter, where there is a 140 character limit. Don’t react on impulse. Let some time pass before responding. Often, you’ll see the grain of truth in the comment and then you can work on fixing the problem. Frankly, nobody is so perfect they need no improvement. Benny Goodman took clarinet lessons until the day he died.

I’m not talking about internet trolls or people out to purposely undermine–that is a different kind of criticism that is in reality attack for the sake of attack. But, when somebody gives an honest attempt at feedback, take it to heart and consider what has been said. You can decide not to change anything, that is your right as CEO of you. Or, you might see a glimmer of truth in the statement and work to be a better you.

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